Body of Sound

Body of Sound is a women’s choir based in Sheffield.

Body of Sound has been running since 1997 and the women in the group have been coming for anything from 1 to 20 years. We’re here because we love singing, enjoy the sound we make together and want to get more confident in using our voices.

We do occasional local gigs and busking sessions throughout the term for causes we support. In the past we’ve also sung at events like Street Choirs Festival and Raise your Banners.

What do Body of Sound sing?

Our choir sings a wide range of music. We sing British folk tunes, African, Japanese and Kurdish songs, to name but a few. We also sing some political songs, and the occasional piece of pop.

Here is a link to “Be Yourself”, a song written by our Musical Director, Kate Thomas, which provides an example of the type of music we sing: